Jan Ennis

Jan Ennis

Jan Ennis is the consummate entrepreneur who has focused his career in almost every single aspect of the optical industry.  His constant drive to incorporate new opportunities from other industries into the optical community has lead him and his team to be leaders in advanced technology manufacturing in both wood and plastic as well as pioneers in online ordering and importation.  The marriage of this broad range of experiences combined with advanced manufacturing technologies have allowed Jan and his team to produce some of the most highly successful office designs in the NW and around North America.  The online ordering and manufacturing software that Jan copyrighted in late 1999 created a new class of wood and plastic production and paved the way for the start of Vision Warehouse.

Jan began his optical career at Bausch and Lomb in Richmond, VA as an inventory analyst.  While at Bausch and Lomb, Jan managed three separate optical laboratories in the SE region before joining Coburn Optical as a Product Manager.  Jan relocated to the NW for Coburn and spent several decades traveling all of Canada and the NW as a factory representative for many multinational optical companies.  During this time, Jan founded Ennco Display Systems, Vision Warehouse and Vendesic.

Ennco Display has focused on the Total Package of design and manufacture for ophthalmic offices all across North America as well as supplies display products worldwide.  In 2011, Ennco Display purchased Magic Design and Visual Dynamics of San Francisco and expanded the range of products and services available to our clients far beyond what is typically available.  Just two of our store planners have more than 70 years combined experience with thousands of office designs between them.  We facilitate the construction of the most highly productive (and profitable) practices in the world.

In 1999, Jan started Vision Warehouse to create a off branded opportunity for lens manufacturers already supplying the big brands to reach the U.S. market at lower price points.  Jan founded Vendesic at that time and created the worlds first online grid ordering system for lenses and the intellectual property associated with it.  Vendesic, and all its automation technology was purchased by Ennco Display several years ago to continue their production advancements.