Dallas Stewart

Dallas Stewart

Dallas Stewart owns and operates a technology business which he started in the summer of 2009.  The business focus is as a managed service provider that enables small business to use technology just as large corporations do but at an affordable price-point.  Prior to starting the business, he served as CIO/CTO for a software company based in Bellevue, WA.  His career spans 40 years of technology having started with mainframes back in the 1970s.  He experienced the birth of PCs, email and various other technologies that have transformed the way everyone conducts business.  

Dallas began his career in upstate New York working for Corning Glass Works during the time when they invented Fiber Optics.  He moved back to his home town of Columbus Ohio in 1987 to work for Nationwide Insurance.  During that time his efforts were directed towards managing the storage networks for the largest data center in Ohio.  Several of his internal innovations gained him notoriety amongst his peers as well as vendors he regularly worked alongside like IBM, Amdahl, Storagetek and Sun.

In 1995, he left Nationwide as a Technical Manager to move into a Sales Engineer role with Sterling Software.  He quickly migrated to handling the technology relationships for critical  worldwide accounts for Sterling.  In 2001, Computer Associates acquired Sterling Software.  During that transition, he was recruited by several organizations within Computer Associates and he eventually took the role of Director of Customer Relationship Management for the state of Ohio with 7 CRMs reporting to him that managed the top 300 accounts within the state.

Dallas spent 14 years serving on international committees both in the states and in Europe where his expertise for technology and how it can advance business acumen were put to use in shaping convention content, drawing and organizing key note speakers and generally directing the operations of those conventions.  He spent 3 years as conference chair and another 4 years as chairmen emeritus. 

Dallas owns the CMIT Solutions of Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond franchises.  The focus is working with business owners who feel angered, frustrated or hand-cuffed about what technology is doing to their business instead of for their business.  Through partnering with the business owner, he enables them to gain control of their IT budgets, and shows how technology can help the business get to more clients while retaining more of their hard earned dollars.